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Day 7


  • Our second Wedding Anniversary
  • Being greeted at the airport

Happy Anniversary, we’re flying to Kolkata!

We arrived at the airport but I still don’t know how Lisa got through security coz…

“She’s da bomb!”


Kobby had even more trouble clearing security and was forced to dismantle his moon boot to prove he didn’t have any weapons stashed away. Unfortunately they missed the two guns hiding under his hoody!

Let me tell you, there is nothing romantic about Kolkata. At least this time of year the weather was nice and we had friends to pick us up from the airport. We were taken to the YWCA where our guides Akash, Sunil and Peter eventually convinced the Young Womens Christian Association that we were indeed women.

Some people will do anything to score budget accomodation!

Indian TransvestiteIndian Transvestite

We settled in, had dinner and tried to prepare the team for tomorrow… Nothing can prepare you for Kolkata!

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