Generosity, (or Generosi-tee as we like to call it) means $3 from every purchase is donated to your choice of the life-changing initiatives below.

School Supplies:

It’s pretty hard to study without any books! Many of the families at the HOPE school in Champahati (near Calcutta) cannot afford to buy them. Give these kids the start they deserve and help them get the most out of their education.


Anjali is a Year 10 girl with spunk. Fun loving, cheeky and courageous. She wants to become a pop star when she is older. At $15 per month there is no way she can afford singing lessons. Your $3 gives Anjali the chance to dream and allows her to keep singing.

Midday Meal:

It’s hard to concentrate at school with an empty tummy. Some of these children have eaten mud because they are so hungry. Your $3 can change that, by providing 6 hungry children with a delicious and nutritious midday meal. Putting a smile this big on one child’s face is priceless. At the click of a button you can do that for six!

Talks and workshops:

What better way to change the world than to equip and inspire young people to make a difference? Mirrogram® founder Andrew Lorimer-Derham is a passionate educator and advocate for social justice. His perspective flipping presentations are often given FREE of charge. Your gift helps expand the reach and impact of this initiative.