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Lisa’s poem

  • HOPE School Nepal
  • Kids with bright eyes and big smiles
  • Quick of thought, smart, eager
  • Snotty noses but friendly faces
  • “Hello Miiiss, Hello Sar – come and play”
  • Poor homes, sick parents
  • No light, dirt floor
  • Small space, zero privacy
  • Mountain goats, generous hearts
  • Mountains surround, eagles fly
  • Strong kids run and wrestle
  • Fight – almost assault each other
  • But tears are sparing
  • I feel exhausted by their energy
  • Lame by their toughness
  • I hope they find a way amidst poor politics
  • To a path of meaning and healthy living
  • I don’t want them to be Westerners
  • Appreciate their culture
  • I hope they can help create change
  • In governing their country
  • I pray God, you raise an army of children with integrity
  • Guide their bare feet to places of influence
  • Let them be all they can be
  • Let Nepal be blessed as a result
  • -Lisa Lorimer-Derham-


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