Fake – Real




Were you allowed to watch M rated movies when you were 13? I wasn’t

I remember coming to school one day and everyone was quoting lines from a Jackie Chan movie I wasn’t allowed to watch.

Wanting to fit in I picked up one of the funny lines from the movie and repeated it for others in my best Jackie Chan accent.

“Waa-shing Maa-chine”

“You didn’t even watch it” one boy said.
“Yeah I did” I lied.
“Okay then, what happened?” he asked…

“Waa-shing Maachine”

High school can be a pretty tough place and like me many young people seek the approval of others instead of being themselves.

It’s pretty tempting to try and fake your way through life. This design is a reminder to be the person you see in the mirror, the real you, the one you were created to be.

Mirrogram® | Stop and Reflect.


• W.R.A.P. Certified
• 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool
• 6 breathable holes
• Reinforced peak
• One size fits all