One – Enough to make a difference


  • W.R.A.P. Certified
  • 350 GSM 80% cotton, 20% poly
  • Screenprint with enviro-friendly ink
  • Shoestring cord
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Cotton lined hood
  • Anti-pill fabric
Body Width (cm):
46 49 51 53 57 59 61
Body Length (cm):
67 69.5 71 72 77 79.5 82


The Story

Our team was one point down and time was running out. In my desperation to steal the ball I fouled my opponent badly. I remember feeling like I was in trouble because the referee had blown the whistle extra hard when calling the foul. I was only 8 and I was scared but I couldn’t back down now.

The opposition was given the ball on the sideline with only seven seconds left. I stood in front of the guy throwing the ball back in, waving my hands wildly. He tried to make a pass but the ball hit my outstretched arm and deflected toward our goals. I chased after the ball and picked it up with nobody between me and the basket. I dribbled right beneath the ring and threw the ball up, the siren sounded just as the ball dropped through the hoop. We’d won 8 v 7!

My childhood dreams had come true. I walked away from that match a hero.

Now when I look back on that day I can’t help but think of my teammate who scored a goal midway through the first half. His goal contributed just as many points as mine yet nobody will ever remember it.

Some people choose not to try because their efforts go unnoticed. The reality is that most of the time they will go unnoticed…but they still make a difference.

Mirrogram® | Stop and Reflect.

The Mission

This design comes with a top secret mission that will play on your shirt when you hover a phone or tablet over the design. All you need to do is download the free ‘HP reveal’ app, follow Mirrogram and then scan the design.