Thirsty for justice?

Her enormous appetite matched the smile on her face. Shukla was bopping happily between every mouthful as she polished off her third plate of food. Grateful parents watched lovingly at the school gate as the children finished their meals. This scene is etched in my memory. We had given up so little to fund this midday meal, yet it had meant so much to so many. You are invited to help make this scene a reality with the “Thirsty for justice?” challenge.

How it works
  • Give up just one drink per week. No more.
  • Save and donate the money to the midday meal program.
Small sacrifice = BIG impact

Your generosity not only provides food for hungry children, it will also employ a local cook.

Thirsty for justiceHappy Child Midday Meal HOPE school

How do I join?

For those who are up for this challenge, donating money one month in advance (4 drinks) saves you having to remember each week and ensures you are committed for at least that month. When donating be sure to mention the money is “for the midday meal program at the HOPE school, Champahati” in the remarks section at the bottom.

How do I donate?

Follow this link to make a donation.

Your donation will be in Indian Rupees the conversion rate is roughly $1 AUD = 55 Indian Rupees
  • $10 AUD = 550 Rupees
  • $15 AUD = 775 Rupees
  • $20 AUD = 1100 Rupees
I look forward to seeing what we can do together.