Defeat Evil-With Love

I was once hiking a trail in Nepal and came across a few young children. I took off my backpack, got out a Frisbee and started playing. They were so excited; it was like throwing chips out into a flock of Seagulls. In their excitement some of the children started pushing and snatching the Frisbee off each other so they would get a turn. I tried picking out individuals to throw to, but by the time they had fumbled the disc there was a pile of others on top of them fighting for it. It was at this point an older man came to put a stop to it. He stormed into the pack of children (surely not all of them were his) and I watched as he started yelling, kicking and throwing rocks at them. Game over. I picked up my backpack and snuck quietly away, thinking to myself, “That’s a great way to teach children to not be violent”, wondering if anyone else saw the irony in the situation. Trying to defeat evil with evil is like telling a child to “Stop F#!%*^ swearing”. Pointless! Mirrogram® | Stop and Reflect. View Design in Store

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