Like a girl – Like a boss




With just their feet, tiny girls endlessly kept the hackey sack (bunch of rubber bands) afloat. Thirty, forty, even fifty kicks in a row. These girls were only in 2nd Grade but co-ordination like this would put most males in high school to shame!

After this I played Badminton with every 4th Grader. The aim was to have the longest continuous rally and it took 140 shots until I had my winner, another girl.

Welcome to Nepal.

It was amazing to see what girls are capable of when given the chance. Yet, deep down I was sad, knowing that soon these children will be expected to be young women, who cook and clean and aren’t allowed to play. Cultural expectations will eventually rob these girls of their potential…

Then again, is Australian culture any different? The saddest thing I learned as a P.E teacher was that between Grade 6-8 the fundamental motor skills of the average female go backward. Despite having had two extra years of Physical Education, the average 8th grader is less co-ordinated than the average 6th grader. How can this even happen?

In our culture as young girls turn into young women they’re confronted with messages about what it means to be female. “Girls are weak, incapable, uncompetitive, slow…useless”. Eventually they can’t help believing these things and so they stop participating or just don’t try.

We too, live in a culture that robs females of their potential. Girls it’s okay to be good at something. Anything! Next time you hear someone say “Like a girl” let this shirt remind you that what they really mean is “Like a Boss!”

Mirrogram® | Stop and Reflect.


• Curved tails (front & back)
• Scooped Neck & Capped Sleeves
• 150 GSM 100% Combed Cotton
• Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
• Double needle bottom hem and sleeves
• W.R.A.P. Certified (Sweatshop free)


Body Width (cm)
XS | S | M | L
43 – 45.5 – 48 – 50.5 – 53
Body Length (cm)
XS | S | M | L
69.5 – 71 – 73.5 – 75.5 – 77.5