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Day 14

A punbeelievable adventure

Today we ventured further into the jungle as our Safari bus drove us deeper into the bush…what happened next I have taken the liberty of explaining with creative license!

Safari Bus, Chitwan National Park

The area we headed to today was well known for it’s killer bee population.  Undeterred our team bravely continued on, forging a path through the thick jungle.

Jungle, Chitwan National Park

Josh was on the lookout for killer bees and after 6 attempts he finally got the binoculars around the right way!


While he was fumbling around with the binoculars the rest of the team came to a sudden stop. “Here it is”, our guides whispered. “The killer bee tree of death. Look at all those hives”.

Bee Hives, Chitwan National Park

Nick dared Ben to climb the tree and steal some honey. With a whole dollar (half Ben’s weekly budget at Uni) on the line, he couldn’t refuse.

Bee Hive, Chitwan National Park

As Ben approached the nest Mitch and Tim started shouting out puns about Bee’s hoping to stir them up.

“How do you know Bee’s can’t sing? Justin Beiber is their favourite artist!”

“How come bee hair always looks so bad? They use a Honeycomb!”

“What do you tell a lazy bee? Start pollen your weight!”

In didn’t take long before the killer bees swarmed around Ben who was shouting desperately, “Bee nice, Buzz off”. This made matters even worse and the bees launched an attack on his bee-hind.

Lisa, Chitwan National Park

Lisa thought this was all pretty funny…until the bees turned and chased after her.

Huge leaves, Chitwan National Park

This gave Ben a few moments to climb down the tree and make a run for it. Both he and Lisa hid bee-neath this giant plant. The Bees passed by without noticing them which was a HUGE reLEAF!

Wild Chooks, Chitwan National Park

While searching for the rest of the group they came across some wild roosters. Lisa explained the situation and asked for help. “Cock-a-doodle-don’t ask me for help” the roosters replied, having recently signed a peace treaty with the Queen Bee. Apparently this treaty allows them to extract as much honey as they can from the bee hives.

Peacock, Chitwan National Park

Upon hearing this Lisa and Ben quickly moved on and before long had come across an overly sensitive Peacock. After hearing about the many puns that had been made at the bees expense the Peacock fled into the bush, worried at what a name like Pea-cock could inspire.

20,000 lakes, Chitwan National Park

Ben and Lisa came to an opening in the jungle. The buzzing swarm now far behind them…or so they thought.

Crocodile yawning, Chitwan National Park

Two hit-men had been hired to finish the job and lay waiting to ambush the pair.

Baby Elephant, Chitwan National Park

But just then, a baby Elephant came charging to the rescue. She warned them about the danger that lie ahead.

Elephant Whisperer

Ben thanked the Elephant and promised his hand in marriage after this was all over.

A splash was heard up ahead! Ben and Lisa turned to find the rest of the crew on a nearby bridge playing a game of push-offs. Kobby had come off second best and was still shivering despite wearing a warm delicious Mirrogram hoodie.

Bridge Trolls, Chitwan National Park

Ben was bee-side himself and almost fainted at the sight of the group.

Yellow bird, Chitwan National Park

Little did they know, they were bee-ing watched.

Kingfisher, Chitwan National Park

The Queen be had sent orders to her spies to locate the “human scum”.

Eagle, Chitwan National Park

There was no escaping these Eagle eyes.

Group of Deer, Chitwan National Park

“Oh deer”, said Andrew

Deer turning backwards, Chitwan National Park

Oh deer indeed! The Crocs had quietly surrounded them and were about to launch an attack. Andrew noticed the leader by herself on the other side of the bank staring sadly at her reflection.

Crocodile reflection in water, Chitwan National Park

‘I know just the thing to cheer her up’ Andrew thought. He approached the leader with great care, climbing a tall tree before he dared utter a word. “Before you attack, let me show you something” Andrew requested, buying some time for the rest of the team to hide. “Very well” the leader replied. “But know this, if I am not impressed by what you show me I will eat you and your human friends”.

Andrew unzipped his jacket to reveal a Mirrogram shirt. The leader was amazed. “I’ve spent my whole life looking in this lake and I’ve never seen anything like this”. Andrew quickly called for the rest of the group to come out of hiding and show their designs.

We handed over our Mirrogram gear and an agreement was soon reached. The Croc’s would spare our lives and tell the Queen we had bee-n eaten. With our clothing as proof the Queen was bound to bee-lieve them.

“One more thing”, the leader requested “Crocs get such a bad wrap in the press” she complained “We want one of you to wear these bright Yellow Crocs and…” Before the leader had even finished her sentence Andrew ran to receive the gift. All his Crocsmasses had come at once. He slipped them onto his feet and the team skipped merrily into the jungle. Their problems now over.

…or were they!

Snake skin, Chitwan National Park

This was the least of Ben’s worries. An Elephant never forgets!

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