Why we exist

Changing Fashion. For Good.

Four simple words define why we exist, but like our clothing they’re jam packed with meaning.

“Changing fashion” means our designs literally change what they say when you look in the mirror. It’s like you’ve been given a second shirt for FREE.

“Changing fashion” also means doing things differently. Change challenges popular thinking and questions the status quo. Our unique clothing does the same, reflecting in the mirror to challenge assumptions and cause others to look beyond what they first see. Change is not all talk when you start a fashion label in Yellow Croc’s!

“For Good” means for what’s right and beneficial. We believe fashion should not only look good, but do good as well. For us this means choosing ethically made clothing, fair working conditions and enviro-friendly inks. It means going beyond logo’s and offering our customers the chance to spread a message that matters to them.

Mirrogram is a social enterprise. Last year clothing sales helped fund many creative presentations in schools and gave us the ability to take 6 young people on a perspective flipping mission/exposure trip to India and Nepal. This year $3 from every purchase will be donated to 1 of 4 life-changing projects of your choice.

“For Good” also means forever. With your help we believe the fashion industry can be changed for good. For good.

Will you join us?

What others are saying

Congrats on all the mirrogram stuff. It is truly impressive”

-Andy Lee, Comedian/Radio Personality-

“We love this [Not just numbers] T-shirt.” 

-ASRC, Asylum Seeker Resource Center-

“Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for coming along last Friday night, just speaking to many of our young people afterwards they loved it, and were encouraged and challenged by your words. Personally I thought your presentation was fantastic.” 

-Steve Barrington, Youth Pastor TLC-

“I was really inspired about your talk, I loved the way you ate out the dumpster and I want to try it. I think you are a really cool guy how you do your own way with your yellow crocks.”

Dante, Grade 6 student at Cornish College-“

“Thank you for my new favourite t-shirt! Three great conversations already.” 

-Carmel Blackburn Jones, Customer-

“You are doing a fabulous job and I wish you every success in your business. I have given the ‘Like a girl’ shirt to a very good friend and she loves it. She went on to your website and was very impressed with your creativity and the messages you are sending out.”

-Letter from Margaret, Customer-

Making a Difference

We believe everyone has the potential to make a difference, which is why Mirrogram® is committed to developing and training young people.

What better way to make an impact than to inspire and empower one person to then go on to change the lives of another ten?

Mirrogram® clothing sales help fund presentations, workshops and overseas exposure trips which challenge young people to “Stop and Reflect”. We also partner with young people to run events that put the “fun” back in Fun-draising.

Check out some creative campaigns or get involved with Mirrogram Missions.

The pursuit of a better world is a team effort that requires passion, thought, creativity and you!

What difference will you make?


Andrew is hard to describe! Passionate high-school teacher turned clueless entrepreneur, sports mad, elite level Ultimate Frisbee player and complete math nerd. Unafraid of thinking differently, Andrew is currently starting a fashion label while maintaining an undying love for his Yellow Crocs.

His innovative fundraising ideas have been featured in TEAR’s Target magazine, TheAge, LightFM and ASPIRE magazine.

Andrew specializes in creatively advocating for social justice, helping young people get involved and make a difference. His passion is in mentoring and developing high school students.

He is currently available for presentations and workshops in schools and youth groups.

To enquire about speaking engagements email andrew@mirrogram.org


Generosity changes lives. It truly does.

By purchasing Mirrogram clothing you become part of that change. Generosi-tee (as we like to call it) means $3 from every purchase is donated to your choice of 1 of 4 life-changing initiatives.

Check out some of the great things you can contribute to.