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Day 15

Hotel 7 Star. The name is barely an exaggeration.

The service was incredible, the guides were fantastic, the accommodation was outstanding and the food was out of this world. Even after we insisted they’d forgot to charge us for extras, our bill failed to include the 50+ bottles of water we drank, the pots of tea and coffee that flowed freely throughout our stay or the cake they made for Nick’s birthday. We only realised the extent of their generosity halfway through our bus trip back to Kathmandu.

Play our guessing game.

The rest of our stay had already been paid for which included 3 nights accommodation, all our guided tours and all meals. How much would you expect to pay (per person) for something like this? Have a guess and I’ll reveal the answer in a few days time.

Bus back to reality

Chitwan was a nice break but it wasn’t going to last forever. The long, bumpy and frustrating bus ride bought us back into the real world. Beautiful scenery slowly disappeared and crystal clear streams gave way to filthy swamps of rubbish.

Filthy river

Our time away truly was a taste of coming back to Australia. We discussed this later that night.

Life isn’t about your comfort

How easy it is to forget the lessons learnt and the confronting things you have seen in the real world when you live in a gated community. Australia can be a lot like a gated community, while we have our own share of problems it’s pretty easy to live separate to them. We seek to build our own haven where problems can remain “Out of sight, out of mind” as Mitch would remind us.

Again, there is nothing wrong with escaping. Nothing wrong with having a break. Nothing wrong with taking time to recharge. In fact, they are all great things. But how easy is it for life to become about your comfort and your enjoyment. Our whole lives in Australia revolve around the idea that being comfortable is our ultimate goal. Get a stable job and set yourself up, find a car, buy a house, furnish it and if you’re doing really well repeat the process, this time upgrading your car, your house and everything in it…


Do you really think being comfortable is what we were created for? Comfort breeds lethargy and lethargy means you won’t push yourself to grow. On the other hand…

  • Discomfort = Pain
  • Pain = Growth
  • Growth = Change
  • Change = Transformation

My challenge to you is this. Put yourself somewhere uncomfortable. Take a risk, learn a new skill, travel somewhere you normally wouldn’t, talk to that stranger on the bus or read something you disagree with. Whatever you do, don’t settle for a life of comfort.

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