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India and Nepal (Day 1)


  • Freaking out a group 17-20 old guys.
  • Cockroaches on the pillow.
  • Nearly stepping in diarrhea on the footpath.
  • Attempted pickpocketing

It’s the list above that makes me glad I live in Australia, yet at the same time it’s this list that keeps me coming back to India. Since my first trip in 2011, I have made another four, each time bringing at least someone new with me.

This time Lisa and I had the privilege of taking six young men with us. This was no Contiki tour. We had carefully planned a perspective flipping, eye opening, culture challenging, mission-awareness trip.

In keeping with that theme I had booked us into Neha Inn, a budget hotel near the centre of Delhi. At $5 a night, cockroaches crawling over your pillow wasn’t unexpected. I didn’t realize that clean sheets and picking up rubbish from the previous guests were seen as optional extra’s.

I wondered if I had gone too far. Poor guys. The drive alone had freaked them out!

To make matters worse, we went for a short walk before bed. In less than 400m we had seen a fight in the street, nearly stepped in Diarrhea on the footpath and had a drunk guy follow us, constantly eyeing off my pockets despite the fact I was looking directly at him! He might as well have said to me “Could you please unzip that pocket and move your arm, I am trying to steal your wallet.”

Welcome to India!

Loving the colour scheme!

Loving the colour scheme!

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