What others are saying

Congrats on all the mirrogram stuff. It is truly impressive”

-Andy Lee, Comedian/Radio Personality-

“We love this [Not just numbers] T-shirt.” 

-ASRC, Asylum Seeker Resource Center-

“Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for coming along last Friday night, just speaking to many of our young people afterwards they loved it, and were encouraged and challenged by your words. Personally I thought your presentation was fantastic.” 

-Steve Barrington, Youth Pastor TLC-

“I was really inspired about your talk, I loved the way you ate out the dumpster and I want to try it. I think you are a really cool guy how you do your own way with your yellow crocks.”

Dante, Grade 6 student at Cornish College-“

“Thank you for my new favourite t-shirt! Three great conversations already.” 

-Carmel Blackburn Jones, Customer-

“You are doing a fabulous job and I wish you every success in your business. I have given the ‘Like a girl’ shirt to a very good friend and she loves it. She went on to your website and was very impressed with your creativity and the messages you are sending out.”

-Letter from Margaret, Customer-