Why we exist

Changing Fashion. For Good.

Four simple words define why we exist, but like our clothing they’re jam packed with meaning.

“Changing fashion” means our designs literally change what they say when you look in the mirror. It’s like you’ve been given a second shirt for FREE.

“Changing fashion” also means doing things differently. Change challenges popular thinking and questions the status quo. Our unique clothing does the same, reflecting in the mirror to challenge assumptions and cause others to look beyond what they first see. Change is not all talk when you start a fashion label in Yellow Croc’s!

“For Good” means for what’s right and beneficial. We believe fashion should not only look good, but do good as well. For us this means choosing ethically made clothing, fair working conditions and enviro-friendly inks. It means going beyond logo’s and offering our customers the chance to spread a message that matters to them.

Mirrogram is a social enterprise. Last year clothing sales helped fund many creative presentations in schools and gave us the ability to take 6 young people on a perspective flipping mission/exposure trip to India and Nepal. This year $3 from every purchase will be donated to 1 of 4 life-changing projects of your choice.

“For Good” also means forever. With your help we believe the fashion industry can be changed for good. For good.

Will you join us?