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I used to own a car that was older than me!

One day it decided to break down and I decided not to buy a new one. The next year was spent walking, riding, catching trains and scamming rides with my friends. I got to know every hill, shortcut and street in town and came to appreciate them all so much more.

There’s a sense of satisfaction knowing you did all the work to get from A to B, even if it’s on a purple kids bike! That year I saved thousands of dollars on car registration, maintenance (not that I ever did much) and fuel and I was fitter than I had ever been.

I dare you to go a month without using your car! Not only will you save money and get fit, you will come to recognize the beauty around you like never before. Bikes truly are better than cars and now there is a shirt that explains why.

Mirrogram® | Stop and Reflect.