Share-The Worlds First Reflective Pie Graph

There was once a Food-Tech class. Seven guys, one girl.

One day, as a treat their teacher bought in a large pizza (8 slices) to share. The teacher divides the pizza onto two tables, 7 slices on one, 1 slice on the other. Naturally, the one girl heads to the table with the one slice and the seven boys to the table with seven.  As they are walking to their tables the teacher shouts “Stop”. The whole class looks around, “Wrong tables” she says and directs the seven boys to the table with one slice and the one girl to the table with seven. “Enjoy” she says, as the boys start fighting over their piece and the girl stares at the seven in front of her feeling guilty that the boys are missing out.

The teacher watches the scene spiral out of control for a few more minutes, before calling for the students attention. “Pretty stupid of me to distribute pizza like that wasn’t it?” The students all agree. “Sadly, this is a daily reality for most of the people on this planet, and YOU are the ones with all the pizza”.

This shirt describes that reality as it reflects in the mirror. When you first look, it seems pretty unfair. So much of world’s wealth is taken up by the “West”, and not a lot is left for the “Rest”. It gets worse! When you look in the mirror, the chart changes and you’ll notice that although the “West” own most of the worlds stuff, they make up hardly any of the world population.

Stop and Reflect.